So jet lag won again and I was awake until 04:30 with an alarm set for 09:00. Needless to say, I feel [and look] like an extra on The Walking Dead:

Walking dead
The bags are especially uncanny.

I’m trying to keep myself awake so I’m going to give this a go. Apologies in advance for the apathy that may appear throughout.

After making it through rain, cancelled transport, a bag left on a train [with all of our holiday money in it] and a transfer that failed to arrive, we finally reached our first destination: The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes. Lets just say all the woes of the past twenty four hours quickly disintegrated as we looked out from the balcony of our massively upgraded room. [Believe me, whilst It might become tedious after the fiftieth time you’ve mentioned it, it is absolutely worth telling everyone that you are on Honeymoon – their suites are larger than our flat].
RC 3


I’ve not edited these photos as I want to give a realistic view of what this place looks like
[I am so so tired I didn’t have the energy to do it].
I also thought I had more photos of the insanely large room we had but as I wasn’t planning on blogging I only took the below:

Towel Swans – the universal symbol of love.
Here’s one of part of one of the bathrooms…

The pool area is large, very comfortable, has views of either the golf course or the hotel and sits against a soundtrack of early noughties pop music [who the hell knows why?].
RC 5
We were constantly given cold bottles of water and little treats: who knew you NEEDED iced watermelon pops on hot days?
FYI the poolside Nachos are large. Very very large [look at the hand to bowl ratio].
Their main restaurant Highball & Harvest serves Breakfast [and what a breakfast: doughnuts as big as your head, an egg station, a full Southern-style buffet or à la carte], lunch and dinner. Dinner is GREAT.
RC 7
Not your typical all-American food, this is good quality, flavourful, ‘dainty’ ingredients with brilliant service.

All guests have access to the adjacent JW Marriott Orlando Hotel and its restaurants [and water-park-esque lazy river] which is probably a good thing to take advantage of considering there is only one other restaurant in the Ritz-Carlton, Norman’s, which is more on the fine-dining side of the spectrum. We did neither and actually went to International drive on three out of the four nights we were there.
Where else can you sky-dive, eat yourself into a stupor and go to a gig all in one night?
RC 8
RC 10
RC 9

The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes offers luxury, great service from all staff and a pocket of tranquility in a usually busy part of Orlando. It is highly accessible from almost everywhere [around 20 minutes from the airport and Walt Disney World, 15 minutes to Universal Studios and 10 minutes to International Drive] and is definitely one of the best hotels I have stayed in.

That’s all I have the energy to write today but I’ll be back with more HM antics from twenty minutes down the road very soon.


[P.s. I will eventually get used to WordPress’ editing features but at the minute it’s arguing with my brain and my face is just staring into the laptop.]




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