Part two of our Honeymoon took us away from life as we knew it and into the warm, fuzzy arms of Walt Disney World.


Why would we go to Disney on our honeymoon? I can honestly say that nowhere else have I experienced the incredible service, attention to detail, friendliness [is this even a word?], variety of restaurants and general abundance of ‘things to do’ as I have here. The beauty? It can be as exhausting or as relaxed as you want it to be!

Actual view from actual sunbed

Did I mention that they LOVE it when you’re celebrating anything, especially a honeymoon? I am not ashamed to say that I wore the ‘Happily Ever After’ badge every single day[time] which got far too much attention but many, many glasses of free Prosecco.


We were lucky enough to stay at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa which is one of the best hotels I have ever stayed in, mainly for three reasons:

ONE] The hotel smells bloody brilliant. I can’t explain it, it’s just a very uplifting citrusy smell. If anyone who works there reads this, please for the love of god send me whatever it is they use.

Thank you Ted Cavanaugh for this delicious looking citrus.

TWO] The hotel is Victorian themed but their live band play 1920s swing and Disney favourites [also in that style]. Think the theme tune from UP with trumpets and a double bass and you’ll basically have THE BEST THING EVER.

This is a screenshot from a video I took of them because WordPress wants me to ‘Upgrade’ before I can upload videos.

THREE] The only way I can fault the hotel is by saying that there aren’t enough umbrellas by the pool. This is literally the only thing that makes me realise I am not in fact on another insanely happy planet where everything is covered in chocolate sprinkles and people smile at strangers.

Actual chocolate sprinkles.

The room? Our balcony window was as long as a car and we woke up to a gorgeous lake every single morning.

Again, I have a brilliant video of this but…

Transport? They have a monorail that pulls up to the first floor of the hotel and takes you straight to The Magic Kingdom. You need nothing more in life; but in case you do, there are free shuttle busses that take you to all the parks and nightlife.

Food? I can’t comment on this in one sentence. There will be a separate post on why I thought it was OK to eat until I couldn’t walk every single night.

I’m going to have to stop writing because I feel sad that I am no longer there.

But there’s time for one more photo:




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