Pizza Folds

No I am not referring to my ever increasing blog-related midriff, yes I AM referring to another kind of pizza I tried a few days ago.


This one is from the Rub Smokehouse & Bar in Birmingham. Think Man Vs Food and you’ll have an idea of what this place is all about. Whenever i’ve been in the past i’ve chosen a vegetarian dish as I’m not a huge meat eater, but to be honest I may aswell have stayed at home. If you go to Rub, you have to choose something meaty.


This time I went for the GIANT PIZZA TACO:

You had me at ‘so big’.

And this is what arrived:


I love a bit of theatre when it comes to food so as far as I’m concerned this dish’s entrance paid for itself.

Top Tip: Do not be afraid to customise: As per the description, it usually comes with pulled beef, pulled chicken and pulled pork [ 😮 ], but not wanting to pass on the opportunity to eat a pizza that arrives in a truck [OBVIOUSLY] I asked if it could come without the pork and beef.

The pizza itself was lovely and thin and not soggy in the slightest, which is impressive considering the amout of bits and bobs that were inside.


I tried a bit of the pulled chicken – I’m sorry to say it wasn’t really ‘pulled’ chicken at all and was covered in a sour cream that tasted like mayonnaise [I really really dislike mayonnaise]. The pop corn shrimp however was much bigger than I expected [full size  prawns] and in the end I left with a veyr full belly.

The Verdict?
This is a great place to go for some food fun. Don’t expect gourmet [think quantity rather than quality] but do expect dishes you’d create in your head after a night out with portions sizes to match. If you like pizza [AND WHO DOESN’T?!] you have to tick this off your list. Rub Smokehouse & Bar is definitely child-friendly and lots of the dishes are large enough to share. Go on – #rubyourselfie.




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