A little trip to the Cathedral City of Lichfield, Staffordshire

This weekend we made the very quick twenty five ish minute trip to Lichfield, the City specifically. What always surprises me is how close Lichfield is to Sutton Coldfield, and also how well connetcted it is train-wise.

old, old Lichfield Cathedral

One of the train lines goes from Redditch all the way to Lichfield Trent Valley, stopping at Birmingham New Street and Sutton Coldfield inbetween, whilst the other will take you from Lichfield Trent Valley to London Euston with no changes.

…and the line is never this busy

Why go to Lichfield? Well, it’s famous for the three-spired medieval Cathedral that’s been a tourist attraction probably for as long as it’s been there. The medieval element is really visible on the outside with incredibly intricate carvings and busts.

Some very freaky looking intricate carvings and busts

It’s free to pop in but they do ask for a donation of any amount. Apparently the Cathedral costs £5000 a day to run!

This place is arch heaven

Aside from the Cathedral, last year the quaint streets with the recogniseable black and white facades drew 3million tourists who spent an estimated £96 million -that’s the equivalent of around 32000 round the world trip plane tickets…[GASP]…More information on Lichfifeld tourism and plans can be found HERE.


What is there to do? If i’m honest, not very much. You’ll find the same highstreet shops here as you would in a relatively small town centre with the odd old-fashioned pub dotted around, but there are some lovely places to have a long lunch. We stopped off at Pom’s Kitchen & Deli which can be found on Bird Street, home to several cocktail bars and restaurants such as The Wine House, a very upmarket and creative establishment specialising in English cuisine.

Pom's 1.jpg
Photo courtesey of the Pom’s Kitchen & Deli website

The decor at Pom’s was the first thing that invited us in, I have to be honest! It’s different to everywhere else on the street so instantly stands out and reminded me of the all day brunch places you might find in West London.

Poms 2.jpg
Photo courtesey of the Pom’s Kitchen & Deli website

It wasn’t raining [hard to believe] so we made use of the outdoor seating and enjoyed our al fresco lunch with very friendly service. The food is very reasonably priced, tastes amazing and looks just as good. If you like avocados, chickpea salads, deli sandwiches or a boozy brunch, this is the family-friendly place for you! You can find the menu HERE.

The Verdict?
If it won’t take you all day to get there, or if it’s a stop as part of a longer trip, Lichfield is definitely worth a look. It’s quaint, lovely to to look at over a lunchtime drink or two and not horrifically busy like many other tourist attractions at this time of year. Parking may be a bit tricky on Saturdays, but there’s always the train. Live a little!




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