Disney Springs: Morimoto Asia

As promised, here’s a bit more on our Honeymoon-related travel – specifically Disney Springs – specifically Morimoto Asia.


FIRSTLY, Disney Springs is just the old Downtown Disney, except it’s been given a Beverly Hills-worthy face lift and has emerged from its cuccoon as this beautiful, village-sized butterfly, complete with bright blue springs and a shopping centre.

Located in ‘The Landing’ area of Disney Springs, Morimoto Asia offers Pan-Asian fine dining in the most beautiful of surroundings. No I haven’t gone insane. Yes I am talking about the same place that hosts The Earl of Sandwich and The Lego Store.

The man-made springs are so turquoise I just wanted to dive face-first into them. Then I realised where I was.

TOP TIP: It is 100% advisable to book this restaurant in advance. Whether you’re staying on the resort or are just popping in for a day-trip, you don’t want the disappointment of turning up and facing an hour’s wait, air con or no air con.

We thought this was definitely a restaurant at which you’d want to ditch the shorts and sandals. Apparently not many other people did. This is however something that you see a lot of at Downtown Disney as most visitors come straight from the Parks. NEVERTHELESS, the purply hues and sparkly chandeliers against the incredibly high ceilings really give this restaurant both a high-end, luxurious feel and a welcoming ambience.

Star Trek-esque chandeliers. Yay.

If you’re on a Disney Dining Plan, this restaurant will take up two of your Table Service allocations; is it worth it? YES YES YES. You can order almost any expensive main meal on the menu [except for the Wagyu Beef] Did I take photos of the food? Of course not, I was on Honeymoon and I’d had a few pre-dinner drinks.


Yes, the portion sizes are still very much American, but the ingredients used are so fresh and seasoned so well that you’re not crashing or on a sugar high when you leave. To start, we tried the Chicken Dumplings with napa cabbage and spring onion; they were so light and full of flavour, I wanted ten boxes of these instead of ordering mains. Obiously I didn’t want to get thrown out, so we then moved on to the Sweet and Sour Crispy Branzino which is basically slightly crispy sea bass [not deep fried] with a very light sauce – very yum – and the Mongolian Filet Mignon which was cooked perfectly and served with ridiculously moreish vegetables in a little touch of szechuan pepper sauce. AM I MAKING YOU HUNGRY YET?

“Oh my gosh, no more food!”

If you fancy a change from the theme-park pallete and are sick of the sight of fries, definitely book a table at Morimoto Asia. It’s worth it for the light fittings alone.




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