Guys – this is not strictly a pizza, but I need to introduce you to the taste sensation that is ‘Chaan’.

A great bit of Chaan.

Yes I may have made this name up, but as you can probably tell: Cheese + Chili + Naan = Chaan; and whilst I did everything I could to make this look more appetising [queue hearts], you’re just going to have to believe me.

Asian Grill

This particular Chaan is from Asian Grill in Sutton Coldfield [another local Independent restaurant nestled in a lovely corner next to the Sutton Gate entrance to the park] and, as the incredible Adam Richman would say, ‘this baby is on the Secret Menu’.

Top tip – you can order their tandoori dishes ‘washed’ which means they get rid of any extra food colourings for you.

Chaaans away!



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