It’s official – whilst i’ve had many hundreds [thousands] of pizzas over the years, I’ve only had one since I relocated STANLEY SAYS to WordPress [bad form]. BUT BOY WAS IT WORTH IT:


The pizza in question is from Pala Wood Fired Pizza – Sutton Coldfield – and whilst it is a takeaway establishment only, it’s the best wood fired pizza I’ve had in Birmingham.Pala

The beauty? The pizza comes in 1/2 metre slabs which, if anything, will give you the same feelings as when you tuck into a cake made to look like an orange or something. It’s basically Birmingham’s answer to Firezza except there’s only one of them and it doesn’t have a fancy website.

pizza 2
1/2 a metre of cheesy-ness that I should have photographed against something for perspective.

If you simply can not face such a gargantuan amount of goodness, find a friend OR order the standard circular shape and sizes.

COSTS:                                                                                                                                             A 1/2 metre will set you back between £14 and £18 depending on which option you go for [but like any good pizza place you can customise].

A circular pizza will cost between £6 and £8 depending on whether you opt for a 9″ or a 12″.

The reason I like it so much? Apart from making me feel like a giant, the ingredients are fresh and the pizza feels guilt-free!

Go and find it now! You’re welcome.


p.s Show them some love on Facebook


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